Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

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Alexi is soooooooooooooooooooo much better!   We both feel it's due to both a return to school and its regimented schedule AND the weaning off medication.  We are glad to have tried medication, and, because you really don't know the long term side effects of being on meds for years, we are glad that particular intervention didn't work out.


I am looking forward to going much more natural in our approach with Alexi now.  Her focus ain't the best lol!  Like I've mentioned before, it's probably like trying to communicate with someone who has 3 TV's on while also listening to the radio with one earplug in.  My voice needs to cut through a lot of static to be able to reach her.  That communication challenge is in combination with her intense sensory needs which only seem to increase with the passing time. She craves constant movement.  She tips back in her chair while eating, she'll get up and do a handstand during a meal because she "needs" to, she spends a lot of time on her ipod playing songs and cutting off the song at just the same point and that does something for her brain, all the while she loves to jump and flop on her bed and/or hang and drop from doorframes because the impact on her feet makes her feel good. 


Lately, Alexi has discovered how to sneak into the fridge on her own, steal a piece of "regular" bread (not gluten/wheat-free) and run off and eat that bread say, in our bed....  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  AND she loves being yelled at about it because it feels good in her ears to be yelled at and to be the focus of an angry face or voice - she just loves that. 


Insane?  Well - that's our normal, really.  And through it all we just love the crap out of this kid.  Thankfully, after she was weaned off medication, her sweetness has returned full steam ahead.  Yesterday she and I strolled down to the playground and she had some swing time... she loves that feeling of flying! 


Onward and with each day I get further into my investigation of how to clean out her system as we try to rid her brain and body of inflammation which can cause so many symptoms... 

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