Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

B-12 -- tried it... N E X T!

Well, as you can guess from the title, we tried Methyl B-12 injections for a month and didn't see any changes in Alexi.  I'm so glad we tried it; now we know Alexi doesn't react to it and we can take it off the "list" of things to try...  I had heard about injected B-12 years ago and now we finally tried it and at least now we know....  Moving on...   Early January we are taking our new neurologist's advice and testing Alexi for possible silent seizures by giving her a 48-hour EEG -- THAT will certainly be a challenge as she will have leeds taped to her head, mummy-style, and the recording device in a backpack - for two days.............yikes!!!!!  We will be stuck to her like glue that weekend, but then we'll know for sure.....  being that brain seizures are so common in ASD kids, the neurologist said 60% can have some kind of obvious or silent seizure activity, we thought it was worth checking out....  So that's what next.  Man we need to plan that spring vacation, huh?  lol. 


So - the general update on Alexi is that she is having what seems to be a possible reaction to the re-introduction to either wheat or cow's milk...  She is having quite a screamy month, and while she is still connected to us, we can see a definite return to her interest in flipping through her books in that old familiar way which was gone for a while and she has not had a great behavior day in a while.  The other hint that her behavior is diet-related are signs that Casey, the nutritionist at BB, mentioned when we first started:  the dark circles under her eyes extend to the underneath and outsides of her eyes and there's a slight specklng on her cheeks that Casey noticed right away as a sign of the body fighting.  Alexi did, however, recently have a very different visit with her Chicago cousin - when they came for Thanksgiving there was much hugging and playing and connection to her cousin, aunt and uncle that was new and very encouraging!  


Update on sleeping -- going very very well lately - don't want to jinx it - but we have not been using Melatonin and A's sleep patterns have been great!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


I am continuing the BB music and exercises several times a week as BB suggested.  There's a shorter list of exercises and several new ones as well.  I must mention that after Alexi does the round of exercises, she is instantly much better behaviorally, more connected, almost like magic.  The problem is... TIME.  It is a very busy time of year for both kids and for us -- I would love to do the exercises every day, it just doesn't work out that way...  I feel so lucky that I was able to give BB so much time over the summer and I am so looking forward to being able to focus on it again this coming summer...  


So -- our plan is to get through the holidays and then test out a wheat-free week and then a dairy-free week to see what happens.  I was really hoping we could re-introduce both of these but it's really looking like we'll need to eliminate one if not both.  More to come on that....


Happy winter season - for Alexi that means gymnastics and basketball!  Happy happy holidays to you!!!!  Thanks for checking in!  



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