Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

my B-12 venting ensues....

Now that Alexi's been off B-12 for over a week - what a difference!  She was definitely more aggressive and extra stimmy for the month she got the injections.  She was quite the whackadoodle at our family Xmas party - growling like a caged animal -- but now her behaviors have subsided and she's back to her more usual sweeter, quieter self.  Her dr said that after a month on B-12 without good results, that it was time to take her off and try s/t else...  he suggested a methyl Balance combo supplement containing B-12, B6, Folate, B2 and Betaine after she has calmed down after the B-12 shots....  


Now as I research it a bit more after stopping, there is info out there that says Methyl B-12 injections could help up to 90% of patients if you use it long enough and that the side effects can ease with time.


I have some info quoted below - but mostly I am venting because it is just SO HARD TO KNOW how to best help Alexi.  Us autism parents have lots of advice from each other and from websites and news reports and from doctors and from seminars -- it's very hard to know who to trust, what to try and for how long....  


That being said, here is an example of different advice than we were given about how long to try B-12.  A random excerpt from one website :

Dr. S. Jill James has also shown that children with ASD have 80% less glutathione in their cells and that 90% of children have defects in their methylation.  This means that children with autism cannot effectively fuel the brain and detoxify heavy metals and other harmful substances from their system.
The brain is the only part of the body that has depends entirely on B12 to detoxify.  As the the brain is over-burdened with toxic substances, the “wheels” of methylation slow, severely impacting development.
B12 works closely with folic acid. A precursor folic acid molecule must interact with the enzyme MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolic acid) to become 5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid (5-MTHF).
 5-MTHF gives the methyl group (the “M” part) to B12 so it can become methyl-B12.  Unfortunately, many children have a defect in this enzyme.  In a recent study by Dr. S. Jill James, 90% of children with ASD were found to have methylation defects.

Undesired effects to B12 therapy are a good sign of treatment success.  They are not uncommon and include:  

  • Hyperactivity
  • Self Stimulating Behaviour
  • Increased mouthing of objects
  • Sleep disturbances – which can be managed with other treatments
  • Aggression, hitting and biting - caused by frustration due to increased awareness 

*Side effects can be mild to severe and are considered transient which means they will pass as  treatment progresses* 

MB12 is a treatment, not a cure.  However, many children using MB12 combined with other biomedical and non-biomedical therapies make incredible developmental gains and in a small percentage of children, have had their ASD label removed. 
Parents should understand that the maximum results from MB12 therapy occur over years, not months, not weeks. Initial results will be obvious within the first 3-5 week period of time; but MB12’s power is in continued use.

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