Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi


I gave Alexi her first B-12 shot last night - 11/15/13!  


She didn't even wake up, she just moved around a bit and scratched the area like she was batting away a fly, and went right back to sleep.  

I had been a bit anxious to do it, thinking she'd wake up and stay up - so that is why we did the first one on a Friday.  Pat even had me try it on him first.  In doing so, I got my confidence up seeing how teeny the needle was and how easy it was to do.  Pat didn't have any reaction to the shot or injection site in case you were wondering.

Alexi is scheduled for 1 shot every three days and i'll update here with any updates good or bad... cross your fingers for Lexi!   I'm planning to do a before/after video of Alexi -- for now, you can see another before/after video from a dad i came across on youtube....  


Video #1 -- long, but cool before/after:


Video #2 - same guy, explains his son's reaction to B-12:



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