Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi


Wow...  I cannot believe we completed 36 sessions and re-evals and now Alexi has finished 1 whole round of Brain Balance. We had our meeting with Betsy, the Center Director at the Summit BB, on 10/2 Wed night.  After being tested with the same tests both before and after her 36 sessions, here's the general gist of her progress:  


Alexi did very well I am thrilled to report!  Yay!  The report contains lots of charts to show before/after progress - and all of Alexi's charts showed progress - some had a bit, some had a lot!  There were many areas where she wasn't even able to test before the program where she was able to test well after the program...  Many of the bar graphs measure by age level.  For example, her eye movements and position tested at 5 years old in April and tested at 7 years old (her current age) in September!  There are so many areas BB works on simultaneously - so she had good results with her pupil test, her eye reflex test, her smell test, auditory processing tests, her core muscle results were great, her physical balance in space improved greatly ---- all this sounds strange i'm sure - but how it works is that all of these things... together.... help Alexi's brain function BETTER -- and if her brain functions better and more balanced, she will have progress in the way she can operate in the world.  We have seen this happen.  

In general what we see is a more present version of Alexi.  She seems to "get" what goes on and how our days work, better.  She is acting, and even looks, older, not just her body but in her facial expressions and her style of being.  She is spending less time up in her room alone, what's changed, subtly, is the motivation to be around her family and an increase of interest in our friends.  


So - now what?  We knew before starting this program that she'd likely have to go thru 2ce.  We have no doubt, after seeing the changes in her and on paper, that we will enroll her again.  What a nice feeling to know that she could even make more progress in so many areas...  What will change in her during another session?  It will be exciting to see.  We walked out of the BB office very happy, very motivated by the changes Alexi made.   We are thrilled and thankful to so many for the help and support along this journey...  all of you who cheer us on via facebook & this blog have no idea how much it means to see your words of support...  


I feel good knowing we are working on the root of Alexi's issues...  moving forward, we will still have her listen to right-brain music every day in her left ear, we will still do daily home exercises geared toward strengthening her eyes, her core, her sense of smell, her balance and timing, and we are working out when we will schedule her next round of BB!!!!! 


I'll continue to update her progress on this blog, as some BB moms have told me they've seen changes long after their child finished the program...  As i've mentioned before --- I hope this is the case with Alexi, my fingers are crossed......  

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