Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Adrenamin vs. Adrenogen




So after discussing A's latest issues with Dr. Rosen/Whole Child Center we decided to switch the brand of adrenal support to a different brand to see if that could lower A's cortisol level.  So we switched to Metagenics' Adrenogen 1 per day and will retest her levels after 3 months to see.  This brand came highly recommended from her chiropractor who was the one who suggested A might require adrenal support in the first place years ago, and now her dr. also suggested we try it. 


The problem is that she has had reactions already.  She has woken early several times since switching and last night was wired and needed Melatonin to calm down enough to fall asleep.  She's taken the new brand since 1/9/15 so we need time for her body to adjust to the new formula. 


Other updates are that the dr decided to cut out all B-12 supplements after hearing that she had some OCD-like symptoms emerge after taking it...  So that's out of her mix...  He told me it is possible to over-methylate and sent me to a link to explain that process - and holy cow there's a lot of info there!  Here it is for those interested in this:


In other news - Alexi now wears glasses full time!  She had no adjustment - she took to them immediately and seems glad to have them! 


--She just gained the skill of TYING HER LACES!  Just yesterday I heard from her OT that she could do the bow part on the table so now they'll work on doing it while her sneakers are on her feet -- WOOHOOO! 


--We recently attended her IEP (education plan meeting held 1ce a year at the school) and she met 11 of her 31 goals!  So she's chugging along really nicely and they added new goals for her to work on! 


--Lastly, she is about 60% successful so far with taking pullups away at night!  This is a tough issue for some autistic kids to tackle - many kids have problems potty training for years and we were always glad for the daytime success - but now she seems somewhat understanding about using the bathroom at night and we are waiting for the day where she opens her door herself and trots to the bathroom on her own instead of being awakened to make a pee run.  Cross your fingers! 


Pat and I both believe that these improvements are largely due to the great staff at her school combined with the effects of the Brain Balance program combined with her getting older -- she just seems to "get it" more and more and more, there's more language all the time, albeit little bits, but she is developing in the right direction and it's an awareness of her surroundings that is helping her, of that we are sure. 


We have an appointment with a new Neurologist to get new eyes on A in Feb!  That will probably be my next update!  Till then, enjoy the cold and snow!!!  Thanks for reading and for your interest! 



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