Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi



It's been over 2 months since the end of the BB program – we ended right before school started.  We are keeping up with doing the new arrangement of home exercises we were given; we do them less often (2-3x per week) and there are less of them - however - the new ones are great -- including jumping jacks and jumping rope while having Alexi sing the alphabet so she can strengthen her brain in 2 ways simultaneously.  She also has a sideways pushup, which is a challenge for her, and it will be great to see her get stronger.  We still do her eye exercises, which really seem to help her.  And we still play the BB music into her left ear.  


Bottom line about continuing the exercises....  they really, really improve her mood almost immediately.  Now that we don't do them every day I have really noticed that they help her click into her "good" self -- she enjoys the one-to-one contact with me, she likes the attention focused all on her, and then after we're done she tends to be more affectionate, communicative and agreeable.  


3 quick updates then it's off to work for me! 



Since BB she's MUCH more agreeable to wearing different shirts....   she has a great selection of shirts to choose from (thx to her fashionable cousins) but has always gravitated to wearing the same 2 or 3 over and over, and (very common for kids with ASD) she’s often had issues going from short to long sleeved shirts as well.   When it came time to change her shirt we’d often find Alexi going thru laundry bins to find her favorite shirt rather than wear a clean one.  Since the summer, when one of us makes a suggestion of a new shirt, she'll just put it on.  There’s no screaming, no tears, no bargaining, no more wearing stained shirts after I give up trying to reason with her.... and that's a very nice thing.... 



This morning, it was snowing just a bit....  Alexi looked out the window -- "It's snowing today..." she said, all on her own....  we didn't ask her, we didn't lead her ie: "alexi....  what's happening outside???  is it raining?? no...... what's happening????"   She noticed and commented on her environment willingly, all by herself.   



Lastly, we are moving ahead with trying some alternative methods to help Alexi further while continuing to do BB home exercises -- we still plan to put her thru the formal program again this summer in Summit.  I'll update here with the alternative things we're trying...  

The first thing we're trying will be methyl B-12 shots.  They are often used for kids with ASD and can help with focus and communication -- we'll start Friday and i'll update any results here....

We also saw a neurologist for the first time – I found out that about 60% of ASD kids can have seizures or silent seizures.   So we’ll be getting her an EEG to test for silent seizures - most likely in December...  

In addition, we'll be doing a blood test to test her mitochondrial function - (how her cells process her food intake).... all updates to follow..  


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