Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

a good day

yesterday alexi and I worked on her BB exercises - this time though - she was compliant for the first time about wearing an eye patch over her right eye which is meant to strengthen her left eye.  she seemed mildly freaked out about seeing only through her left eye - but didn't hate it - it seemed to entertain her somewhat.  I cannot imagine how different her vision must be through that one eye - when they tested her at BB - her pupil dilated at a different rate than the right eye.  so, point of this blog post:  don't know why - but alexi had one of her better and more connected afternoons yesterday!  after one round of exercises (we're supposed to work up to 3 rounds - so far we've done just one of each) we took a break to scooter around and Kyra came with us on rollerblades.  after we got back, the kids hung out on the hammock and snuggled with a blanket - and stayed outside... that n  e  v  e  r happens...  normally alexi would indulge us for 3 min and head back inside to stim flipping through books or jumping on her bed or spinning on the rings in the basement.  but yesterday she stayed outside and sort of played with Kyra - saying hello to her every couple minutes -- her way of having a conversation is to say hello and smile repeatedly, sometimes she scripts (repeats parts of shows she likes).  I actually went inside and started dinner - they stayed outside!  of course alexi took the blanket and covered her head and climbed up on the castle and jumped off (stimmed outside instead) but at least she seemed to notice Kyra and wanted to be near her and did connect with her every couple minutes. 

this doesn't seem like a lot to those with typically developing kids.  when you have an autistic kid shut in her own world who constantly does actions to make herself feel better - this story is not quite a breakthrough but a flicker of how things could develop. I remain, hopeful but grounded in reality. 

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