Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

6 month BB check in results

Last Friday, I took Alexi down to BB/Summit for a 6 month check in -- they worked with her for almost an hour and measured any/all changes as compared to her last session near Labor Day in September.  The results from this would tell us if she had regressed at all and if we needed to do more to keep up her skills. 


Happy... no, thrilled to report that she tested the same if not a teensy bit better than when she finished!  So we are doing enough to keep her eyes and body strong while she waits to do her second BB session this summer...  It was wonderful to see Steven and Betsy and to meet the new staff members.  We feel good that we decided to increase her exercises to include the old ones, she really does seem to do need them in addition to the new ones they gave us.  Plus, they totally work as a reset button for her behaviors - like today - she was acting a bit nuts - screaming "NOOOO NOOOOO -- CAKE, I WANT CAKE..." over and over and running around and raiding the snack cabinet and throwing her boots when asked to put them away.  I did homework with my older daughter and let Alexi run around a bit - then just 1/2 hour ago, I went upstairs and did 20 min of exercises with Alexi.  As usual, upon doing them, she instantly calmed down, smiled and hugged me, and got really centered.  Also, she knows that afterwards she will get computer time while I cook...  the exercises strengthen her body and her eyes, and they give us one on one time together, and they reset her....


So, that's it for now! 

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