Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

5 points to remember

So - facebook has tons of useful advice about autism related topics... Here is one post I liked -- as I know for a fact that Alexi DOES know more than she seems to -- and its very easy to forget that fact because she scripts a LOT and talks about Elmo and WonderPets -- but...  I always try to talk to her as if she wasn't scripting and didn't really want to be saying what's coming out of her mouth... 

  • Instead of talking about them as if they’re not in the room, remember that they can hear you, and always assume they are listening.
  • Instead of assuming a person’s autism defines their character, remember that they get to make personality choices just like non-autistic people.
  • Instead of believing that their perspective makes them less reliable, remember that you’re actually skewing your own perspective on autism by making this assumption.
  • Instead of allowing the world to teach them their autism is A Bad Thing, tackle the problem head-on and remind them how awesome they are.
  • Instead of loving the child but hating their autism, love the child.

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