Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

3:30 am

Yeah... so since the time change Alexi (and we) have been found often lurking around our house around 3:30am and at intermittent hours beyond that.  Around here, sleep has become, once again, elusive. 


Whether her lack of sleep is due to full moons or new moons and giddy internal possible parasites, her perhaps needing a chiropractic adjustment, or who knows what other potential causes...  lately I have been workin' the trend of early to bed and very early to rise, like 3:40 last night, and the hall lights are on, Alexi's scripting is going at full blast, poor Pat can't catch a break before his workday begins, we hope sister Kyra is sleeping through the circus like atmosphere -- and either Pat or I can often be found wandering into her room to remind her yet again that other people need to sleep and to keep her door closed and keep her music on low.  Then, sure enough, it's 10 minutes later @ 3:50am and you find yourself wondering about autism at large, refugees and borders and bombings and on and on.....


In the world today, there are lots of things we can worry about.  Not getting a good night's sleep pales in comparison to what other folks in Paris, Iran, Iraq and beyond are dealing with right now... 



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