Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

2nd progress report

Overall a really good progress report. 


Best way I can explain Alexi's issue with development is this: a baby coos before they turn over to do tummy time, and then they pull up to crawl, and then they pull up to stand, and then they walk...  The BB way to explain autism and other developmental delays they work with is that these steps didn't happen on time, even if it seemed to the parents like they did.  There are parts of Alexi's brain that function at her age level, and there are those that function way below her age of 8.  So I do exercises with her 3x a day (I try to do 3x, sometimes just 2x) and BB does exercises with her 3x a week to strengthen the brain sections that are behind to get them caught up so all the sections can work together. 


During this progress report, it was explained to us that the order in which we can see progress happens in the same order as human development.  So the reflexes that are behind are catching up in the order in which they were supposed to develop.  Make sense? 


So for example, in regards to her core muscle strength and development and order of development -- A's prone core, her "tummy time" core strength, as it is the first skill that should develop out of these core strengths, has been met and is that of a 10 year old!  That was the case when she first started BB as well.  Next, in proper development, would be her lateral core strength, those muscles she would use to "roll over" if she were a baby...  this skill has increased from age 6 to 7 to now 8!  The next to develop would be her ability to sit up -- so her supine core strength, from doing exercises such as sit ups, went from age 3 to 4 to now 6 out of 8!  The last core ability is that of pulling up to stand, which is called brachiation -- she started at age 4 and has progressed to age 5, so that's the last one to develop....  the correct order of development.... just years delayed.  I just find this so interesting....


Other updates from last week's progress report --  A's ability to move her eyes back and forth, like for reading, has increased from a level 2, to a level 4 and at this latest report, she was at a level 7, numbers, not age.  The goal on this ability is 15 so she still has work to do.  Another example, her ability to move her eyes separately from her head movement, called VOR, increased from the initial level 8, to 10, and at this report to 12! 


In other news, her ability to use many brain functions to walk back and forth on the balance beam has increased from 6 to 7 to age 8!  Her rhythm and timing increased from 4 to 5 to now age 6 and finally her balance and coordination has increased from age 5 to now age 8!


A great report...  adrenamin is still working to help her sleep.  we are in a good stretch...  thanks for reading! 






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