Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

2nd Progress Report

So during Alexi's session yesterday I met with Betsy to discuss A's progress thus far as she's 2/3 of the way through the 12 weeks.  She'll be done early September!


Actually, I was pleasantly surprised to hear she "went up" several levels in many different areas...  She initially had improvements in the physical types of activities but now the cognitive types of activities are "clicking" and she's climbing up and seems to understand what they're requesting of her much more as time passes.  Whew -- a relief for us...   It so happens that Pat and I had been wondering how she was doing because she seems like she's plateaued and not having as much change happening...  (btw - I spell-checked plateaued - looks funny?) 


After meeting with Betsy and hearing a generally good report including encouragement to keep going and some suggestions for more things we could try to enhance her progress,  I ended up hanging out in the waiting room and talked with 2 really nice ladies - 1's a mom and 1's an aunt to BB kids.  I cannot tell you how great that aspect of BB has been as well - the chatting it up in the waiting room -- it's almost a built-in support group for the parents/caregivers as you just start asking questions and overhearing other people's issues...  Well, yesterday, I heard some very hopeful news.  In the book, Disconnected Kids I remember reading about how the effects of BB could continue even after completing the program.  Last night I got living proof that has occurred for the daughter of one of the moms I met... she said she had been wondering how much actual progress she actually saw in her child upon completing the 12 weeks - but she said she continued to see changes afterwards as well.  During our research phase of BB, they did inform us about this possibility of continued progress, and of course there's no guarantee that will happen for Alexi -- but having been raised to be suspicious of just about everything - having hope feels like a risky thing - and hearing from an actual "customer" that their child had improvement during and AFTER the program, so much so that she was willing to bring her back for a second round of 12 weeks -- well that just kinda made my day! 


Keeping on keeping on for now... 

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