Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

2 weeks in & some changes!

So far so good! 


Yesterday was A's 7th session! 


What you look for early on are any changes in her behavior.  Luckily we have seen some! 


After the first few days, Alexi started getting a bit crabby and there were lots of "NO"s.  We went to AC Moore with Kyra to get beads for her end of year gifts and Alexi WOULD NOT stay with us - she normally stays with me in stores and never wanders off -- well, that day she kept going into the next aisle and not listening to me -- while annoying -- I took it as a good sign - because what you hope for as a BB parent is terrible two type behavior -- and this certainly seemed like that!  ASD kids don't really go thru the normal stages of development - terrible two's being one of them - so one of the things they say to look for is terrible two behavior.... 


So then, last Sunday/Father's Day, about one week after starting, directly after doing her afternoon bb exercises, she snapped back into her sweeter mode where she really looks at us and stopped saying NO to everything...  we had a really nice evening that Sunday and then the week following she stayed in that sweet mode. 


The biggest change:

We went to the playground and met up with her classmate "K" yesterday -- when we got there she couldn't find him and got really upset while yelling his name loudly about 4 times with a sad face -- THAT -- for those of you that don't know -- is a big deal!  It shows a few things:  she used an elevated voice, she had a sad face, she was upset she couldn't find her friend, she called out for him -- ALL very appropriate things and very unusual for her to care where someone else is -- shows right brain activity (environment, social) -- so K's mom and I were very happy seeing this happen right in front of our eyes! 


Will update on upcoming diet changes soon! 

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