Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

2 more changes!

2 quickies but goodies:


  1. Alexi modeled after a girl at the playground! woohoo!  This shows an increase in her environmental awareness -- autism entertains most kids in their insides so that they don't have much interest in other people -- hopefully BB round 2 is building up her right side= the social side of her brain and this is a sign of that!

  2. We visited friends with a beautiful pool this past weekend and the dad taught Alexi how to swim under water!  It was so cute to hear her say "I want under" and watch her try it out over and over -- she even let him put a variety of goggles and masks on her.  By the end of her day she was grabbing the mask or goggles herself, putting them on herself and tossing pool toys in and swimming down to get them!  I was very proud of her and very thankful to our friend!  

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