Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

1st progress report

So we had our 1st progress report and here's the skinny on that:


There has definitely been some measurable progress that BB sees when doing their specific exercises with Alexi!  She's moved up notches on their bar graph - they see some good progress on her ability to move her eyes back and forth like you do when reading, they see improvement on her eyes' ability to focus, they see good progress on her ability to withstand having vibrating sensors on her wrists, they see an increase in her proprioception skills (ability to feel yourself in your body), they see increase in her core muscle strength, her side core muscles and her ability to pull up on the monkey bars.  She has increased strength on the balance beam and her rhythm and timing have gotten better.  The big change they saw was in her ability to use opposite hand and leg movement - sort of like dancing - and she uses her head as well - this type of coordination takes brain strength that she is lacking and she has increased in this area which is good news.  They suggested we get a game like Dance Dance Revolution for the wii and see if she can get into using her body in this way.  


Overall at home,  we have not seen too much change in her yet.  It could come tomorrow but she seems to be the same for the most part.  She has retained the same level of affectionate behavior and the same level of environmental awareness.  The one area where she has increased has been independence now that I reflect on the past couple months.  She is helping herself more often - like to things she's not supposed to - like getting things out of the fridge for herself, getting things out of the cabinets - annoying for me but in the grand scheme of things - I would record that as an improvement...  


Lastly, this bb has suggested that they work on lessening Alexi's primitive reflexes first BEFORE working on cognitive abilities - so they only take her for 1/2 hour sessions.  After the progress report, I asked if they could try doing the full hour for her since that worked for her last summer when we saw lots of changes.  Yesterday they kept her for the full hour and they will do so for the next 2 sessions to see how it goes.  My thinking was that she needed the additional challenge to keep engaged -- so we will see.  Today - we do the Array #4 bloodwork to see if Alexi has any sensitivities to often-used Gluten replacement foods which have shown to often cause inflammation as well.  Will update on those results when they come in!  


Onward!  Enjoy the rest of summer! 



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